Michal Kelly is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. She holds a Master's Degree in the Science of Traditional Oriental Medicine and is a graduate of the prestigious Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. Aside from the exceptional training that included over 3,000 hours of both allopathic and traditional Chinese medicine.


Recently, the practice of Chinese medicine has been aimed at integrating eastern knowledge with western science. In today's modern world this is essential because many patients who seek acupuncture have already been under the care of a western physician. Michal is very comfortable working with other healthcare practitioners and welcomes the type of open exchange that can be most beneficial for patients.


As the owner of Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic, Michal treats a wide range of conditions from migraine headaches, to low back pain, and even the common cold. Her specialization is in women's health (including infertility), and digestive disorders. Working side by side with Chicago's leading practitioners in these fields has given her experience that is invaluable.


Michal has also received advanced training in Trigger Point Therapy. This system is very effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions such as sciatica and knee pain. Her passion for the medicine is reflected in the quality of her treatments and is made evident when patients experience immediate results.


Prior to relocating to Fenton Michigan, Michal practiced acupuncture in Chicago at two separate chiropractic clinics. There she was able to integrate Chinese medicine with allopathic therapies such as the RIFE machine, ultrasound, and interferential electrical stimulation. She also volunteered at the Lakeview Alternative Veteran's Clinic in Chicago. This clinic was designed to provide local veterans with health care services that include acupuncture, massage and other CAM therapies. As a veteran herself, it is very important to Michal to serve those who have done so much for our country.


Areas of Interest:


Women's health- menopause, infertility, painful periods, heavy periods, fibroids, endometriosis


Pain- knee, low back, sciatica, shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome


Digestive disorders – IBS, acid reflux, constipation


Psycho emotional disorders- anxiety, depression


On A Personal Note...


My personal history with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) began early in life when I was just 8 years old. I woke up one night sensing a strange feeling in my legs, and I tried to get up out of bed. As soon as I put weight down on my legs I collapsed to the ground! I could not walk…I could not even stand! My legs were stiff as boards and my joints were swollen and painful. Terrified, I slid on my bottom, down the stairs, and woke my parents! We went to the hospital where tests were run and ultimately my condition was treated as a medical anomaly.


There were some indications that this may have been a sort of viral arthritis because 2 other girls in my neighborhood, about my same age, had similar experiences. The doctor feared that if a virus had in fact plagued me, I might not be able to walk again! Some medicines were prescribed with uncertainty and with that we went home. When the morning came, we drove straight to Chinatown to consult with an acupuncturist named Mei Ling Qian. I remember her being very gentle and reassuring, and she paid no attention to the clueless diagnosis but instead instructed her husband to prepare a tea for me to drink.


Once we made it back home, my mother boiled down the herbs tucked inside the white paper and within 45 minutes I was drinking my bitter cure. By the end of the night I began feeling relief. My knees seemed less stiff and the swelling was slightly reduced. I continued to drink my tea morning, noon, and night, and after 1 week I was walking with minor pain. In just one month I was cured!


I was very young when I went through my first serious health scare, and since then, there have been many occasions where I've called on TCM to assist me in the restoration of my health. I often think of how fortunate I was to have access to such a powerful medicine and what a relief it provided for my parents who just wanted to see their little girl get well. My struggles have driven me to learn as much as I can about Chinese medicine and the herbal cures that have saved our family countless times. I have included my professional biography that mentions my scholastic and professional credentials. However, it's my personal relationship with the medicine that fuels my enthusiasm as an acupuncturist.





 Clinic Specialists

Suzy Sikora is a certified traditional Naturopathic Doctor, Consulting Hypnotist, eclectic herbalist, and owner of Sustainably Well, LLC.  She is a graduate of the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

Suzy’s training is that of Traditional Naturopath, which is defined as "a drugless system of therapy,” drawing upon natural healing modalities which include whole-food nutrition, herbs and plant medicines, mind/body energy work, and appropriate lifestyle change recommendations that honor the body’s innate ability to heal.

The practice of Traditional Naturopathy focuses on the cause of dis-ease, rather than simply addressing symptoms of imbalance, and uses a holistic view of the body, which is that each person’s unique make-up is a whole system, not simply pieces and parts. 
Training has included more than 2600 hours of formal and practical study through the Institute, in addition to over 500 hours of extracurricular study consisting of incomparable lecture and practical instruction. 

Suzy teaches classes on a variety of health and healing topics throughout the year at the Flint Farmer’s Market, the Lotus Healing Center in Flushing, and conducts a four-month introduction to herbal medicine program each year.

Areas of Focus: Endocrine health, auto-immune and inflammatory issues, digestive difficulties, menopause discomfort, goal achievement, and client education.

On A Personal Note...

My personal story is similar to so many of my clients in that I struggled for many years with various illnesses.  In my case, the illnesses were auto-immune in nature, and the lack of understanding within the conventional allopathic community left me worse and worse with each new pharmaceutical drug or surgery.  After more than twenty years of struggling, it wasn't until I sought a natural alternative that I finally began to realize health.

Beginning by doing extensive research in nutrition and herbs, I began an experiment which involved changing my diet and lifestyle, and immersed myself fully in the healing power of herbs and whole foods.  Through these changes, I was able to stop taking the arthritis and pain medications on which I had relied for at least 10 years. Over a two-year period, I also healed the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia I had developed, and began to heal the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Hashimoto’s that were still hanging on with the guidance of various naturopaths and herbalists. 

Healing naturally, and feeling better than I had since I was in my twenties, inspired me to return to school, to acquire formal training in the natural healing modalities that helped me so much, so that I might help others struggling with these and other illnesses.
Seeing the success my clients achieve through my personal experience and professional training galvanizes my passion for healing work across the spectrum.




Lee Indianer is a certified Massage Therapist, Master I – Ching Consultant, and Psychosomatic Yogin.  His traditional studies began over 13 years ago at the Health Enrichment School of Therapeutic Massage in Lapeer MI.  Health Enrichment Center, Incorporated (HEC, Inc.) has been a Michigan state-licensed school since 1985 and is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB). 

Since then, Lee has spent years cultivating a system of massage that integrates body and mind work in a synergistic exercise that can best be described as psychosomatic yoga.  This practice allows the patient to navigate through their aches and pains in search of the origin and help break the cycle of their chronic somatic manifestations. 

Understanding the needs of each individual client is essential in order to achieve lasting relief.  Whether it is deep tissue massage, a gentle palliative massage, or psychosomatic yoga, Lee’s masterful skill guides him to the technique that is the best fit for the given presentation.

Suzy Sikora, tND, MH, CCH

Traditional Naturopathic Doctor


Certified Consulting Hypnotist


Lee Indianer

Massagist, Certified

Andrew Goforth

Massagist, Certified

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Andrew Goforth received his under-graduate degree at Naropa University studying Contemplative Psychology. His journey into bodywork began after he realized that he possessed an ability to deeply connect with people and help ease their suffering. Andrew then enrolled at Boulder College of Massage Therapy, which helped to sharpen his talent and gave him a modality to channel his abilities. Each session is tailored to the individual and no two sessions are alike. Slow strokes accompanied with deep intuitive listening into the body allows for transformative work to take place and is the space where true healing happens.
​ His techniques include: • Shiatsu • Swedish • Neuromuscular (myo-fascial release, sports massage and therapeutic massage) • Alternative (chakra work, deep inner eye massage, emotional/spiritual body release) • Thai Massage

Kylene Goforth is a board certified acupuncturist and graduate of Southwest Acupuncture College of Boulder, Colorado Prior to moving to Fenton, Michigan Kylene spent just over 1 year in Bali, Indonesia developing her practice and skills as a multi-faceted practitioner. This environment enabled her to dive deep into the more energetic aspects of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as seen in the practice of qi gong, while simultaneously addressing the physical aspect of the condition. Kylene has returned with several refreshing and powerful techniques that she uses to enhance the acupuncture treatment.
Kylene feels a special calling to help children, and has received advanced training in Pediatric Care. She practices a style of treatment called Shoni-Shin, which is a wonderful alternative to using needles. These treatments will boost energy and immune system, stimulate endorphins and calm their nervous system, enhance circulation and relaxation, and encouraging better overall health. This style of treatment is a non-invasive, painless tapping and massage on the meridians and acupuncture points by using small metal tools. A shoni-shin treatment can be performed in about 30 minutes depending on the age of the child and the severity of the illness.

Kylene Goforth, L. Ac., Dipl. OM

Acupuncturist & Herbalist

NCCAOM Board Certified

Michal Kelly, L. Ac., Dipl. OM

Acupuncturist & Herbalist

NCCAOM Board Certified